Which age should supply functional foods?

Which age should supply functional foods?

Which age should supply functional foods?

heart Functional foods are products of natural origin or food in the processing process with added "functional" substances. Functional foods are located at the line between food and medicine, people also call functional foods are medicine food. The function of functional foods is to support the treatment and prevention of diseases because it is capable of restoring the cell structure in the damaged body. (According to Wiki)



heart  Nowadays, functional foods are a name that is familiar but also strange to consumers. Wherever you go, you can see it, products of any type, from drinking water to whiten skin, reduce melasma, blurred, muscle support food, cancer treatment support drugs, vitamin supplements ... but unfamiliar because not all consumers understand their functions and how to use them, even many people believe that supplementing functional foods are not necessary.


heart In fact, functional foods are becoming an indispensable product in every family's medicine cabinet because most functional foods are easy to find and bring high efficiency such as: Supplement Rapid nutrients and substances that function in a way that the body is not adequately provided in the daily diet; It is possible to temporarily replace meals when there is unusual eating condition... The food we eat daily has provided all the nutrients. However, for many reasons such as customary habits, tastes, habitat, economic, we may lack some essential nutrients for the body. Therefore, it is necessary to properly supplement the missing substances so that nutrition becomes adequate and balanced.


heart​​​​​​​  Usually, functional foods are encouraged suitable for all ages but according to the manufacturer's recommendations, each functional food has its own applications and is suitable for each person.


For example, during puberty, girls need to be supplemented with iron, calcium, and protein needed for physical development. Adults need more energy for daily activities and beauty with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, Biotin (vitamin H) lighten skin, anti-aging, hair loss ...




heart Elderly people need Omega 3-6-9 to prevent blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood (especially omega-3 to help reduce pain and inflammation for arthritis in the elderly). People over 50 years old and especially vegetarians should be supplemented with B12 - a vitamin that helps the body be healthy, ruddy, good for the brain, improves memory in the elderly, avoiding lowering blood pressure ...


People with endocrine acne, skin problems can take omega 3 to help reduce acne, beautify skin and hair.





heart Functional foods of all kinds of nutritional supplements will be suitable for children and the elderly and adults, but functional foods for weight loss and weight gain are only for children over 12 years old.


Functional foods that support physiology are usually suitable for children over 18 years old. The functional foods used to beautify the skin are suitable for children over 10 years old.


Each product will be designed for different customer groups, consumers need to consult with the manufacturer or consultant to get the best price and have the most accurate usage.


Especially, functional food manufacturers have different products for youth, middle-aged, children and the elderly. Therefore, we can be assured to choose the type that suits our needs...




heart Finally, the addition of dietary supplements to meals every day is one of many of your choices for a healthy, supple body, a clear mind and a rosy, white skin. Most of them are beneficial to the body when you know how to use it properly and in accordance with your needs and the selection of products by reputable firms is paramount.